Kinetic Activity Monitor

Sustained, positive changes in your lifestyle will play a major role in how good you feel and your risks for becoming ill. As you get stronger and healthier, your stressors will affect you less. Our lifestyle medical programs have been designed to give you the guidance and monitoring you need to be successful.

Biologic Healthcare will be offering you a time tested nutritional approach (with your own requirements and preferences incorporated) and readily accessible professional or patient community online support. In addition, we can provide new technology that monitors your activity level with a small, portable device that clips onto your belt or clothing waistline.

Kinetic Activity Monitor (KAM) Overview


The Kinetic Activity Monitor (KAM) measures the quality of your movements and will serve as inspiration to achieve realistic increments in your physical activity.

Your practitioner will conduct an intake to establish a starting point regarding your present lifestyle and health status. During the intake, twenty risk factors will be charted. A blood sample may be necessary.

With the information from your intake, we will work with you to devise the appropriate nutritional approaches and adjust them over time. You may be offered specialized supplementation or dietary measures that will enhance results of your increased activity.

While you are on the program, you will have access to webinars, seminars and workshops on health related issues of your choice.

If you are becoming enthused—you are already in the right state of mind for success! Here’s to your health and well-being!


How does the KAM Measure Activity?

The KAM records the duration, speed and intensity of an individual’s movement. It will then display KAM points earned, calories burned and levels of daily activity. This information will be uploaded on the webpage at (THIS MAY CHANGE)

What is a KAM Point?

The KAM Point is a unit of measurement for activity, just like a mile is a unit of measure for distance. Increased movement at a higher intensity for longer duration will yield more KAM Points. It is the only metric of activity that directly measures and combines all three parameters of movement: duration, frequency and intensity into one single digit. The KAM Point is unique because it is directly correlated to oxygen utilization and energy expenditure.

Every KAM Point earned represents a 1% increase in energy expenditure above an individual’s Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). For example, if you accumulate 30 KAM Points, you have boosted your energy consumption by 30% over your initial BMR. Studies have shown a relationship between percent increase in BMR and weight loss. Intuitively, this makes sense. If you elevate your activity level or total energy expenditure relative to your BMR, you will burn fat and lose weight.



What is the Qscore?

Queue (noun): a line, usually of people, assembled in order and waiting for some event or service.

The Qscore represents where you are in a line of 100 people of a matched population who need to see the doctor. The Qscore will rate your health status and give you a specific readout as to where you stand. An individual with a low Qscore will typically need medical attention before a person with a high Qscore. Your Optimum Q represents where you could be in that same line if you make lifestyle changes that contribute to improved health.

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