Biologic Healthcare Medical Services

We offer a wide array of services at Biologic Healthcare. In our culture of Western Medicine, people become accustomed to going to “specialists” who might prescribe pharmaceutical drugs or recommend surgery to control symptoms. This system is not always the best for patients.

At Biologic Healthcare, we have a different approach. Our Integrative model of medicine ensures that you will always be viewed as a whole person, never as a list of symptoms. Your body wants to exist in a state of balance and vitality.

We employ time-honored, science-based techniques to help you reach optimal health using natural approaches before choosing prescription drugs.

Doctor Samantha Eagle consults with physician Steven Moore.

For example, good nutrition and exercise can positively influence the imbalances affecting your stress levels, blood pressure, digestion or symptoms of ADHD. Highly selected items in our medical grade dispensary of natural remedies and nutritional supplements can ease the discomfort of menopause and others can help manage diabetes. Our acupuncture and chiropractic care can help you address chronic pain and arthritis.


We function as your primary care doctors, or in conjunction with your current healthcare team to create an individualized plan that will get you where you want to be.