We welcome you as a new patient at Biologic Healthcare and are pleased to work in partnership with you toward your well-being. Biologic Healthcare looks forward to encouraging a healthy lifestyle that is balanced and informed in an environment that is supportive and optimistic. Our office staff is available to help with questions and to ensure time with Biologic Healthcare is as productive and stress-free as possible. Whether you are seeking general, individual or family services or have a specific health concern, Biologic Healthcare is committed to providing sensible and realistic options. Our Focus on Lifestyle, Functional and Preventive Medicine takes into account how powerful simple changes can be – and how they begin a domino effect for improvement.  

We do not simply treat symptoms, we ask the question “why” they have developed and the answer is often interconnected with other issues. Our practitioners do not give up on difficult problems and we have teamwork and support systems to take individual challenges and solutions into consideration. You are not just a file number at Biologic Healthcare – we are going to understand how unique you are by your role in the community, workplace and home. You will also be familiar with whomever you are interacting when you call us and will get personalized care – even from the staff at the front desk.

This Patient Guide has been created to address questions before you visit Biologic Healthcare or might have while under the care of our practitioners. We hope it is empowering, informative and thorough so that you will feel comfortable and confident about your decision to become part of the “Biologic Family.” We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as Biologic Healthcare grows to provide more services and programs to the community. Please feel free to email your comments, typing “Patient Suggestion” in the subject, to: [email protected]. You can also speak with the staff at our front desk or leave a written message with them if you have an idea that can help us better serve patients.

Please see the front desk to receive our Patient Orientation Packet.