Stress in our Everyday Life


We use the word stress for so many things, and there is no way around it – stress is a part of our lives. From an evolutionary standpoint, stress served as an important signal that was often acted upon by “fight or flight.”

Even as we evolved out of the need to make life-or-death decisions frequently, we still receive the same stress signals that once accompanied imminent danger.

In our contemporary lives, we are so barraged with stress that simply fighting or fleeing is not an option. At Biologic Healthcare, our goal is to help you understand how stress affects your body and identify ways we can mitigate its harmful by-products.

Younger group of friends smiling and having coffee at an outside table.

A balanced approach to stress management

Poorly managed stress can cause symptoms ranging from heart palpitations to hypertension to gastrointestinal distress. Biologic Healthcare takes a multi-faceted approach to stress management by addressing the biochemical and physiological systems that allow you to cope with stress. We can help you create a more balanced physiology by using natural supplements, and can connect you with progressive relaxation techniques including mindfulness meditation and yoga.

As with all of our treatment programs, your stress management plan will be personalized for you, with small steps you can take every day for a healthier, more harmonious life.