Botanical Medicine

Practitioners at Biologic Healthcare use a select group of natural supplements that are derived from plants. Many people are familiar with the term herbal remedies, the recipes for which are sometimes passed down as family lore. Botanicals encompass a broader range of plant components and can have powerful effects on health. The botanicals we use are researched and safe when employed by a physician trained in their therapeutic application.

Medical Grade Dispensary

To ensure the effectiveness and consistency of our treatment plans, we offer a well-stocked dispensary of medical grade nutritional supplements, medical foods and botanical medicines. These products are made of the purest and most rigorously tested ingredients, which are quality-controlled at every step of the production process. Prices are comparable to or lower than what would be found in stores.


Our therapeutic and health maintenance products include:


  • Vitamins and minerals (individual or multi)
  • Digestive aids
  • Musculoskeletal products (including anti-inflammatories)
  • Medical foods/protein supplements
  • Immune and nervous system support
  • Herbal medicinals
  • Tinctures and cell salts
  • Probiotics
  • Calming agents
  • Essential fatty acids/amino acids
  • Detoxification aids