Nutritional Counseling

People think about going on a diet as a way to make positive changes for their health. But unless new eating habits are appropriate, supported and sustainable, diets inevitably fail, bringing disappointment, weight gain and frustration.

Proactive choices for a healthier life

We encourage any steps people take to empower themselves, but as with all aspects of our practice, we look at nutrition as a building block for wellness.

A woman enthusiastically looks at a cookbook with healthy ingredients all around her.

Good nutrition is at the root of everything we do, and with the standard American diet of processed foods loaded with hidden sugars and too much salt, people are nutrient deficient and don’t even know it. You cannot address poor health without addressing nutrition.

Simple, sustainable changes for better health

We all have heard the call to “eat more fruits and vegetables,” but the change needed may not be that simple. We work with you to lay the foundation, starting with breakfast and working through snacks and other meals of the day, so you can build healthy eating into your daily routine.

Our individualized nutrition plans take into account your circumstances and focus on helping you make small, sustainable changes that will have long-term implications for your health.