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Insurance Information

Prior Authorization

Please be informed of the requirements your particular insurance policy has regarding office visits, laboratory tests and future healthcare with our practice. Notify the front desk staff, before your first visit, if your medical care or laboratory evaluation requires prior authorization. We will assist you in processing the paperwork.

Mercy Diagnostics

Your lab testing will be provided by Mercy Diagnostics. They are separate from the Biologic Healthcare office and are billed independently. Please click here for more information.

Outside Collaboration

We will collaborate with non-affiliated, traditional or complementary practitioners in your current healthcare team. Therefore, you can be assured of integrating those services and options that best meet your needs.

Paying Out of Pocket

If you are not able to use insurance to pay for healthcare services, please call our office if you wish to have an estimated cost of care for the visit. We do offer a time of service discount available for office visit charges on the day of service. This will not include dispensary supplements and other services as provided during the visit (i.e.: injections, laboratory tests, etc.).