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Biologic Integrative Healthcare, LLC (BIH) is dedicated to providing high quality, evidence-based care. Our practitioners have a core philosophy that promises to educate, support and guide members of the community toward optimal health and well-being.

The Kinetic Activity Monitor (KAM) is unlike anything ever available before. You will be your own inspiration as you are able to realistically monitor all the increments in your physical activity, and therefore be encouraged to do more. Learn more about the KAM and the Qscore measurement system. >>

We offer family healthcare with a focus on Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine. BIH promotes the healing of acute, chronic and degenerative conditions using an Integrative model to establish the most effective and least invasive treatment plan.

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Artisan Bistro Pro takes the hassle out of eating right every day and it is done deliciously guaranteed! Along with leading practitioners they create meals with the best ingredients that ignite your metabolism and taste buds. Together with your practitioner, you can lose weight and feel great.

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